Instagrammin’ for vintage houses in Coconut Grove (Part One)


One of my favorite neighborhoods, if not, my favorite neighborhood in Miami is Coconut Grove. All the old wood panel houses of yesteryear are like a hidden treasure. Miami is technically not that old of a city. So to see so many vintage houses back-to-back-to-back in one area is pretty amazing. Though the area is a bit poverty stricken, at one point some houses like these were going for hundreds of thousands of dollars at the height of the real estate boom in 2004/2005. They have so much character and each are almost one of a kind and some are from that 1910’s and 1920’s era. Everything was smaller back then…some of these houses are the size of some people’s modern day master bedrooms. So recently, I took a little trip to Coconut Grove with my trusty Instagram app open and started snapping away. Part Two coming next week.

Photos by David “Dro” Rosario for

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