Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders ranked third on CNBC’s List of Top NFL Cheerleading Squads

The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders have been ranked third in the nation by CNBC and Yahoo Sports. Clearly they’ve been mistaken as them girls should’ve gotten the #1 spot. But we’ll take the bronze medal this time. Here’s what they said about the squad:

While the Miami Dolphins haven’t given football fans much to look at on the gridiron in recent years, the same can’t be said for the team’s cheerleaders.

The Dolphins are the only NFL team to have links to the cheerleaders’ Twitter and Facebook pages right on the front of its website. There are plenty of photos that can be enlarged, as well as high-quality video.

The Dolphins cheerleaders take their auditions very seriously, holding prep classes twice per week from February to April, leading up to official auditions on April 20.

The squad has also sent its members on outreach programs, including visits to military bases, charity events, and in support of NFL Mexico in Mexico City.

Source: Yahoo

Miami Dolphins

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