It wasn’t much, but The305.com tried to show unity among the internet community yesterday by changing the site’s header to a black image similar to the image you see above. We did it in protest of SOPA and other similar bills and attempts by Congress to truly censor the internet.

We left the header up for a good 12 hours and we also didn’t post anything for the day and tried voicing the importance of the #StopSopa movement via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Again, not much, but we wanted to somehow contribute to the awareness.

If SOPA or anything like it passes, sites like The305 and pretty much any other site you love and visit, whether its a simple niche blog or a big conglomerate like Facebook or Twitter, will be at the mercy of big corporations and government officials. So, participate and be active with this issue and help its complete defeat in Congress. Click and watch the video below for more info…



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