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305logo Interview with video director David Rousseau Talks Pitbull, YMCMB, Miamis Outlook and Us Naming Him 2010s Best Director Of The YearWe caught up with the lovely Esther Baxter. You know, the most legendary model like ever. And you might not know this, but she’s a 305-native. Her “Eye Candy Of The Year” shoot with XXL a few years back is what inspired the whole “305 Honey” movement for us. Like for real. Now, when we heard she had a new shirt with Two In The Shirt coming out (click here to purchase), we HAD to talk to her about the release – and also catch up with her and what she’s been up to. So click below to read up on Miss Esther Baxter…


The305: So how did the collaboration with Two In The Shirt come about? It was a bit unexpected but definitely dope. How did it come about?
EB: They reached out to us through a friend of mine expressing that they were interested in doing a collaboration for a line. We starting talking with them, and I was able to share a lot of my ideas and thought it would be a great new way to connect with both my new and loyal fans.

The305: Is it weird seeing yourself on a shirt? Its a bit different right?
EB: Well its not much different than seeing yourself on covers of magazines or on the tv screen lol, but definitely a cool new experience!

The305: Was the shirt inspired by the Jay-Z song of the same name? And what exactly drives you to hustle every day?
EB: No, the idea and inspiration actually came from my own hustle. I’ve been in this game for almost 8yrs from a successful modeling career to taking a break and becoming a mother to now acting, and my presence is still felt very strongly in the industry. And I’m still on the grind in this new chapter of my career. Can’t stop, won’t stop! But the actual shoot style for this particular shirt was definitely inspired by Jay!

The305: What do you love most about being a mother to a four year old?
EB: What is there not to love!? It’s amazing having this little life that adores you, respects you, depends on you, appreciates you, looks up to you, learns from you and loves you with the most pure, innocent, unconditional love. Being able to have the chance to raise and educate a child is such a special job and I enjoy every moment of it, from the fun moments of having water fights, laser tag,etc. to the moments that you get frustrated and wanna pull your hair out. [But] I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The305: How was 2011 for you?
EB: 2011 was a crazy year for me to say the least. It didn’t start out as smoothly as it could’ve, but we managed to nip all of the negativity in the bud and get back on track. The fact that I was able to move from the east coast to the west coast, be in 2 more films with the planning of another at the top of the new year, design and release my t-shirt line, and several other steps to strengthen the Esther Baxter brand have all been huge accomplishments. There will be a lot more to look forward to in 2012!

The305: What do you miss most about Miami – I know you’ve been living elsewhere for a few years now?
EB: What I miss the most about Miami is my family, the gorgeous weather, the beaches and the hospitality that we have for each other! (Although living in L.A. I now get to have the weather and beaches, lol)

The305: The next time you get back to Miami, whats the first thing you’re doing when you get off the plane?
EB: I’m going to my fav sub spot and getting a steak bomb, grabbing the fam and going to the beach to jet ski!

The305: What are you working on now…?
EB: My main focus is to continue to land great roles as an actress and keep learning my craft in that world. Right now I’m getting ready for pilot season and reading for a few films. I have also been approached about a TV project for a major network, so we’ll see!
A film I recently shot called “Because I Love You” directed by Joseph Elmore from “Speed Dating” will be going to theaters in April 2012. I will also be filming my first lead role this year in a romantic comedy feature film called “12 Reasons Men Cheat,” so stay tuned for those and more.

People still mainly know me as a model, but I also want to share some other things in my life that I enjoy and that people don’t know about, like my obsession with cooking! I always post pics of my meals and my Twitter fam would ask about them, so we started sharing recipes and it has been really fun. I’m working on a cooking blog now and a couple of cookbooks that will cater to simple but delicious food for everyday life — watching football, stuff your kids will eat, and yummy meals to make for that special somebody. So look out for that at

The305: I have to ask you a throwback question, you have to tell me how was the “honey” photoshoot for your XXL Eye Candy of The Year? How was it shooting that? That was easily the best photoshoot ever.
EB: That shoot was so much fun until the end when they had to pour all of those jars of cold honey on me and told me I had to keep a sexy look on my face the entire time. Showering afterwards was much more difficult then the actual
shoot. It took me at least 2 hours to get it all off, but when I was done I smelled sweet and my skin was amazingly soft! It was a great shoot. Who knew that it would be one that people still talk about years later.

The305: So are there any other releases coming up with Two In The Shirt? If so, do you have any details?
EB: Yes, we have another amazing shirt that we just finalized the design for. It should be out this Spring online at, and both designs will be available in select retail stores so keep checking my sites for info!

The305: Any last words or things you’d like to promote, feel free to respond here.
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And to purchase Esther’s “Can’t Knock The Hustle” collab t-shirt with TITS, click here.


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