2011 Band Of The Year – Dangerflow and Ketchy Shuby (2-Way Tie)

Dangerflow and Ketchy Shuby (2-Way Tie)
2011 Band Of The Year
It really came down to these two bands for me and I felt like each of them deserved some kind of recognition in their own right. So naming them both “Band Of The Year” seemed only right. Dangerflow had a helluva year with the release of their amazing first full length album, Win Lose or Die. Plus, with their alliance with the Miami Heat, their exposure has been on a hundred thousand trillion. Then you have Ketchy Shuby, which are just plain amazing. Their direction as a soul band is so refreshing to me and straight up takes me back to a simpler time that I never really experienced (because I wasn’t alive in the 60’s and 70’s). Ketchy Shuby is definitely dope on record and in person. As are Dangerflow. So with that said, make sure you research them both a little and check out their next live shows. It’ll be worth it.