2011 Album Of The Year by an Independent – Steven A Clark with “Stripes”


Steven A Clark with “Stripes”
2011 Album Of The Year by an Independent
Stripes was an incredible album by such a talented singer. Steven A Clark started popping up on the scene within the last year or so and his sound is very unknown, yet very familiar. The lead single was the very appropriately picked “Superhero” and that was my personal favorite of the record, as well as the song that first introduced me to Steven. Overall, Stripes is a very dark album but its fresh, young and one-of-a-kind. Its the kind of album that you can see and hear live at shows over and over again and sing along with every word. He has a certain smoothness and “old soul” appeal in his music and you can’t help but wonder and be excited at the direction that he’ll take his next project.

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