2011 Album Of The Year by a Major – Betty Wright and The Roots with “The Movie”


Betty Wright and The Roots with “The Movie”
2011 Album Of The Year by a Major
Technically, she’s independent, but honestly, Betty Wright falls along of the lines of being a major artist. I mean just look at her discography. Coming out in November, The Movie was most definitely a motion picture in terms of real music. If you’re a real music buff, then you have to appreciate the fact that two legends in their own lanes paired up a great album. The first album by Betty Wright since 2001, and it was just filled of timeless sounds and backdrops by the legendary Roots crew. The album itself does sound like a throwback to yesteryear, but that’s why its so great. Because it takes that classic Betty Wright sound and keeps it fresh with the quality of the 21st Century and the assistance of modern day stars like Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Joss Stone. Good music is good music – that’s undeniable. And what Betty Wright did with The Movie, is help keep the soul in music alive.

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