2011 Photographer Of The Year – Jason Bassett


Jason Bassett
2011 Photographer Of The Year
I’m a photographer myself, you know: still photos, darkroom, film, etc. So you know I’m picky when it comes to acknowledging another photographer’s great work. But you look at Jason Bassett’s work and its pretty apparent that he’s insanely talented and is a genius at understanding light. Which, 99 percent of the new wave of  DSLR  “photographers” have no grasp of. But Jason gets it and it shows in his work. He has a very high-fashion editorial direction and style in what he does. And the above photo he took of Nerissa pretty much solidified the fact that he’s great at what he does. And in more recent months, he’s been getting a little more heavy into video, so don’t be surprised if he takes over that field in the coming year as well.

More info: www.jason-bassett.com

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