2011 Mixtape Of The Year by a Major – Billy Blue with Blumanatti

Billy Blue with Blumanatti
2011 Mixtape Of The Year by a Major
I got to hear an early version of Blumanatti one day while stopping by Shoe Gallery and I was immediately hooked. Then a couple months later, the final version comes out and literally set the streets on fire. The mixtape is really in the form of a double album. 21 tracks of original tracks, skits and bangers. Plus features from Mannie Fresh, Young Chris, Ghostwridah, Brisco, Stephie Lecor, Plus Givens, Jase and Jimmy Dade. Standout tracks included “Go Gangsta”, “Ridaz & Slidaz”, and “Ghetto Dreamin” to name a few. But just about every track was on point. Give it a listen if you missed it earlier this year by clicking below…

Download: Blumanatti by clicking here