2011 Thats-What-You-Get-For-Not-Picking-Miami Award – The Producers of The Hangover II


The Producers of The Hangover II
2011 Thats-What-You-Get-For-Not-Picking-Miami Award
While the Hangover II did make a lot of money since being release on Memorial Day Weekend earlier this year. The movie failed to live up to the hype and has received negative reviews all the way around. Seemingly, the producers and crew tried to overly recreate what made the original movie successful and put it all over the sequel…it mostly just didn’t work. And you would think that having it filmed in the lawless country of Thailand, that the storyline would be a shoe-in. Well, not so much. But the producers did have the chance to pick Miami as the setting for The Hangover II, they even came into town to do pre-production scouting and etc. Would it have been better than what they came up with Bangkok? Who knows? But the point is that they didn’t pick Miami and they probably would’ve had a better chance at coming up with a better movie if they did. Or at least one would hope so. Even the folks behind the filming of Rock Of Ages saw the “magic” of the Magic City.

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