2011 Radio Moment Of The Year – Gloria Estefan on Howard Stern


Gloria Estefan on Howard Stern
2011 Radio Moment Of The Year
Gloria Estefan and the Estefan family are Miami royalty. And you kinda get a vibe that they’re a wholesome Latino family, while very successful, are very reserved. And they are. But when Gloria went to Howard Stern to promote her latest album, all hell broke loose. Howard got Gloria and Emilio to talk so candidly about everything imaginable and unimaginable. It was pretty incredible. Obviously I’m biased because they are from Miami, but it was one of the best interviews that I’ve ever heard. This interview paired with the Lady Gaga interview that Howard did, pretty much solidified the notion for me, that he’s the best interviewer EVER. Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to the interview, but if you ever get a chance to find it…listen to it!

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