2011 Most Controversial Story Of The Year – The Dallas Mavericks and YMCMB partying at LIV after beating the Miami Heat in the Finals


The Dallas Mavericks at LIV with the trophy and YMCMB
2011 Most Controversial Story Of The Year
Miami and the Miami Heat took a loss at the 2011 NBA Finals. The Heat lost the championship series against the Mavs and they lost in their own city. But what happened after the final game is what pissed a lot of locals off. Dallas reserved hundreds of thousands of dollars in bottles at local hotspot LIV to celebrate their win. While that was most definitely expected, especially because it was a Sunday and you know everybody knows about “Liv On Sundays”. So…what caught people off guard was the Mavs bringing in the trophy and passing it around like a hot potato and doing obscene things with it – all while tons of cameras and camera-phones captured every moment of it. Then what ruffled more feathers was when the whole YMCMB squad came and celebrated with the Mavs. After the fact, I believe Wayne and crew downplayed the issue and *don’t quote me* said something to the extent that there’s no way that him or anybody else in the world would turn down an opportunity to hold the championship trophy and/or to party with the World Champs of the NBA or any other sport. All in all, this whole situation messed up a lot of relationships, pissed a lot of people off and had everybody talking about a “LIV Boycott”. And what happened? Nothing. Mostly everybody in the party scene eventually went back to partying at LIV like nothing happened. So it was a controversial issue that people still talk about till this day. But redemption was kinda achieved when the Heat crushed the Mavs on Christmas Day earlier this week.

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