2011 Marketing Moment Of The Year – Lady Gaga Skywriting At Ultra Music Festival


Lady Gaga Skywriting At Ultra Music Festival
2011 Marketing Moment Of The Year
Quite honestly, I’m not sure if this was Lady Gaga’s doing or if it was Ultra’s. But honestly, Gaga didn’t and doesn’t really need the press. Ultra sure could’ve used and loved it…and it did. When the words “Lady” and “Gaga” were written in the sky over Miami, the streets and internet were abuzz that Lady Gaga was going to possibly do a surprise performance at Ultra. Even Lady Gaga impersonators were spotted at around town and “Ultra Ultra Ultra Gaga Gaga Gaga” was in everyone’s conversations. Whoever was behind it (ie. Giant Step Marketing I think), it got people talking about both brands. The Lady Gaga brand and the Ultra Music Festival brand. This was genius and relatively simple to do and execute. Yeah.

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