2011 Party Of The Year – Maxim Magazine’s Halloween Masquerade

Maxim Magazine’s Halloween Masquerade @ Club Play
2011 Party Of The Year
Let’s face it. The club scene can get pretty monotonous at times. But what makes a great party legendary? I’ll tell you what makes it legendary. Its the quality of women at the party. And when you have a worldwide brand like Maxim Magazine co-sponsoring your party and on the number one day of the year where the freaks come out…..Halloween. All I can say is that it was full of tons of Latina women between the ages of 21-25 and the ratio was like 12:1. And all the girls had skimpy costumes and a nice booty-shaking costume contest to be the icing on the cake. If you went to this party and didn’t get at least one number…#killyoself. So yeah, best party ever.

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