Beyonce Sells Miami Beach Property for $110,000, which was 75% Less Than What She Bought It For

Beyonce Knowles just sold her swanky beachfront Miami property for 75% LESS than she bought it for, TMZ has learned.

According to public records, Beyonce dropped $465,000 on a tiny cabana in a glitzy Miami condo complex back in 2002 — it only measured 190 square feet … and contained one 1/2 bathroom.

The place is basically a small little beachfront room, from which Beyonce could walk to and from the sand and the pool.

It’s highly likely Beyonce owned a bigger condo in the complex … and used the cabana so she could change and use her own private restroom without having to schlep all the way back through the building.

But that was BEFORE November 9th … when B sold the cabana for $110,000 … a tad below her $135,000 asking price … and $355,000 LESS than she paid for it.

The outside cabana is located in The Blue & Green Diamond Condo Building at 4775 Collins Avenue #CA-A3.