More Details about the December 16th Grand Opening of UNKNWN in Aventura Mall – Interview with Co-Owner Frankie Walker


SlamXHype caught up with Frankie Walker to talk a bit about the pending December 16th grand opening of UNKNWN in Aventura Mall, which he co-owns with Lebron James and others. Also stay tuned to their Twitter account to learn how to win access to the special grand opening event. Click below for a sample quote and a link to the rest of the interview….

SLAMXHYPE: Introduce yourself and give us some information on who you are.
I’m Frankie Walker, co-owner and founder of Unknwn. Well Lebron moved in with my family when he was eight years old so he’s like my older brother and that’s how we have that connection there. But basically in 2010 I came up with the idea to open an urban footwear clothing store which originally was going to be in Akron, OH. So I started to put together a small team that let me to Mike Hurley who I knew through High School and is one of Lebron’s friends as well. Me and Mike went about it together and we went to Lebron with the idea, and this is pre-him deciding to come to Miami, and he was all for it and thought it was a great idea and a great opportunity for myself, then he wanted to invest in the company. From there on, as you know, he made the move to Miami which kind of threw us off to say the least. He approached me with the idea of moving the store to Miami which I thought was a great idea. With us moving to Miami, we obviously were going to need to do it on a bigger scale. So we put together a bigger team. That’s when we reached out to Chris Julian who we knew from Undefeated in Las Vegas and then also reached out to Jaron Kanfer who went to high school with us, and we knew his father was a pretty prominent business man so that’s why we reached out to him. So that’s how the team was formed. That pretty much brought us to where we’re at. We had a 8 month location search, we had a lot of bumps in the road but we pretty much made it to where we are now….

ALSO: Shouts to Norma from 2dopebitches for announcing that she just recently joined the UNKNWN family.


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