PHOTOS – Penguin Prison @ Ricochet Lounge

Photos By: David “Dro” Rosario

So last night was the final night of the Music Loves Art series of events with Ricochet and McDonald’s. Once again, a big thank you to McDonald’s who sponsored me to attend and cover the events the last few days. Each day was amazing, and last night was no exception.

Penguin Prison brought a nice group of dedicated hardcore fans to see them perform. They have such a unique sound with a blend of unique songs and song titles. They definitely made a fan out of me last night. Everybody in the audience knew the words to every song and after their set, when it was all over, they came back for one last encore. It was a great energetic performance.

And to close out the tonight, Big Mac sandwiches, Mac Snack Wraps and McDonald’s t-shirts were passed to everyone in the building and everybody was loving the food. If you don’t believe me, look at the photos below. Everyone had a #BigMac in their hand. Click below…