The NBA Lockout Is Over Folks

NBA Lockout Over

The NBA Lockout Is Over
Welp, its the time for the haters to come out of hiding once again. The NBA Lockout is over and the agreement that the players and owners reached is being finalized as you read this and as I type this. The deal was revealed late last night and saw it as I was driving back home passing by Star Island. I got so happy that I almost cut a sharp right to go see if Diddy was back home from partying to wake him the f**k up again with the good news.

But anywho, under the new deal, the players and the owners will get a 50/50 split on Basketball Related Income. I say this is a win, but the players used to get a 57/43 split, so the players are giving up about 7 percent. You know what though? 50/50 sounds about right and they’ve already lost mad money either way. And the new deal will last 10 years, the longest labor agreement in NBA History.

So, December 9th, training camp opens up. And December 25th, the Heat will kickoff the season against the Dallas Mavericks.

The NBA Lockout Is Officially Over.

Source: CBS, YahooSports

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