MIAMI PEOPLE:: Sandra Toro, Owner and Lead Designer at Aluna Swimwear (Interview)


Photo by David “Dro” Rosario

305logo Interview with Ashley Sky Miami model featured in the Otis video by Kanye and Jay ZIn a new segment on The305, we will start focusing more and more Miami People who are rising entrepreneurs and model citizens in their own rights and in their own fields. Here we have Colombian born Sandra Toro, she is the owner and lead designer over at Aluna Swimwear. She’s from the Kendall/Hammocks area and has been slowly but surely taking her Swimsuit line to the next level with amazing designs and definite quality.

Read below as Sandra discusses her line and her direction as a young business woman. As well as her upcoming fashion show on November 18th at Louis Lounge.

The305: What brought you into the fashion world, what inspired you to create Aluna Swimwear?
Sandra: I always wanted to wear something unique that fit my style and like every young girl I enjoyed the Ò€œart of looking cuteÒ€. In high school, I designed my homecoming and prom dresses and since it came pretty easy, I tried getting into fashion school. I didn’t end up going, but I had all these sketches and good practice. By the time I realized I wanted to have my own company, most of the pieces were bikinis.

The305: When designing a new piece, what do you draw inspirational from? How do you get your ideas?
Sandra: Ideas can come from anything really. Usually beautiful women inspire me; I love creating bikinis that can bring out and add to the beauty of the female body. Sometimes I draw with music playing and draw from the different moods I’m in, vibes I feel. Hip-hop can influence something edgy and loud while romance or slow music can inspire a more elegant piece. Other than that, I’ll just see fabric and know what to do with it.

The305: Even though I know it must be super stressful to put on a fashion show, what is your favorite part of the fashion show experience?
Sandra: Fashion shows definitely test your ability to work under pressure. For me the most rewarding part is being able to see my hard work come alive. The compliments, constructive criticism makes it all worthwhile. Then it’s on to the next.

The305: How important has your living in Miami, been to inspiring the designs and attitude of Aluna Swimwear?
Sandra: Living in Miami is cheating for a swimwear designer. It’s hot year-round so the bodies are exposed. Legs are out and being in nice shape is a lifestyle. So with that, there are more women who need that 2-piece that’s going to turn heads. Not to mention, the diversity; it all gives me a chance to play with different kinds of styles for the different kinds of people.

The305: When looking for models to represent your brand, what do you look for?
Sandra: I have worked with many types of models, but confidence is crucial. I look for various shapes, sizes, and colors (ethnicities) depending on how I want the piece(s) to standout. I like to show the world you don’t have to a certain way to wear my line, you just have to feel good wearing it.

The305: What seperates Aluna Swimwear from everyone else, meaning, what makes Aluna unique?
Sandra: Aluna is unique because I made it. I don’t know what other designers do; I don’t have a secret formula; I just detail the pieces to my liking. Down to the cut, I’m taking into account the curves women have, the fabrics I select, everything has my DNA in it. Aluna is exclusive for all those girls who could never find the bikini that fit just right in all the right places.

The305: You have your next show coming up next week, what can we expect at the show?
Sandra: Fireworks, explosions, dancing midgets. (LOL) No but seriously, we’ll be showcasing my new collection Ò€œKHROMAÒ€. A color’s value is its brightness, its chroma is its strength, and its hue is its position in the spectrum. You can expect a vibrant show with intense color, which is going to reveal an edgier side of Aluna.

The305: Lastly, is there anything that you have planned for the future or that you are working on next?
Sandra: I’m currently working on my summer collection but I really want to take it to the next level and come with something breathtaking. I feel like I always have to outdo my last collection. You can expect to see Aluna in stores and boutiques next year. [And] One of my dreams is to style Ms. Piggy.

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