Dwyane Wade and David Stern’s Twitter Exchange


In advance of its Monday meeting with the players, the NBA decided to field some questions online via Twitter. And seeing an opportunity to seek transparency, Dwyane Wade took it upon himself to ask David Stern and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver (who were running the NBA twitter account), the following:

@DwyaneWade said: Why are all your ‘system solutions’ only impacting the PLAYERS?? What have the owners giving up of significance??” said Wade.

Stern/Silver responded: “The economics & system favored the players in prior CBA — Teams lost over 300m last year. There is a fair deal on the table that will allow the season to start on December 15. We want our players and teams to do well and we hope our proposal is accepted.”

@DwyaneWade concluded: “Now yall all see the answers — we the Players have been receiving”

If the current offer is accepted, Stern said the league could resume play Dec. 15 with a 72-game schedule.

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