TASTE TUESDAYS (NYC Edition) :: Pommes Frites in East Village


Allright, so been in New York for the last day or so, but wanted to do a couple NYC related posts that are obviously Non-305 related. One of them being one of my favorite food spots o hit up every time up north.

Its a place called Pommes Frites in East Village, and basically all they serve is French Fries. Belgian styled french fries, which is where they originated from (Belgium). They have three different sizes and you can choose from over like two dozen or so dipping sauces, which include various mayos like Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo, or other things like Curry Ketchup or a very simple and tasty Honey Mustard Mayo.

There’s ALWAYS a line it out of the door it seems to get into the restaurant, and that’s a combination of the popularity, as well as the fact that its literally a hole in the wall that sits like 8-10 people. But it is a really good spot to satisfy your french fry cravings or obsessions. Check them below…

Pommes Frites
123 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003
(212) 674-1234


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