Is Now Part Of The Complex Media Network


Its been a long time in the making, but is now part of the Complex Media Network, which is run under the Complex Magazine and Marc Ecko corporate umbrella.

Now, how will this affect the site? Not much really. The site itself will not change whatsoever, our content will remain the same. Still Miami, still 305 as always. But our advertising will now be represented by Complex. Only good things to come as this will hopefully give us the opportunity to get more in depth with the type of coverage we do and the type of posts we create.

Wanted to send a big thank you to the Complex fam for bringing The305 on board. I’m headed to NYC for a few days next week to link with them and their staff and to catch a little bit of that NYC fall weather that I need in my life at least once a year.

Otherwise, expect to really go hard content-wise for many years to come. We ain’t going nowhere.

305, bitch.



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