Two Miami High Schools Are Once Again In Danger Of Being Closed Down – Miami Edison and Miami Central


Last night, hundreds of parents and local residents packed the Miami Edison auditorium to discuss how to keep that school and nearby Miami Central open after once again being in danger of being closed down. Earlier in the summer, both schools were under threat, but were apparently in the clear.

Now, both schools are once again under pressure and under threat of being closed for good if student performance doesn’t improve. The Board Of Education has the power to shut both schools down if things do not improve. Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said the students are priority number one. And parents apparently came with signs that bore slogans such as “Our schools are not for sale.” There will be another meeting in November with parents, teachers and county officials to discuss ways to improve student performance and test scores – with hopes of avoiding any kind of closure.

Miami Edison was built in 1930, while Miami Central opened up in 1959. Both schools have a long history in their respective communities, so it’d be a shame to see either of them go, but let’s see how it plays out.


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