What exactly is Occupy Miami? Beached Miami finds out…


Beached Miami caught up with Muhammed Malik, one of the people in the forefront of the Occupy Miami group, you know, the Miami spin-off of #OccupyWallStreet. They ask him a couple questions to try and see what their objective is really about. A brief quote of what he says includes:

“Let me ask you two questions: When was the last time that you saw 200 people, many of them young, standing out in the rain, getting soaked, talking about political and social and economic issues? [Malik is referring to the second meeting of Occupy Miami, which was on Saturday, Oct. 8, at Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus.] That goes far beyond the characterization of the movement as “adolescent”.

The other question I would ask is, when was the last time you saw Haitians, African-Americans, where you saw whites, older folks, younger folks — when was the last time you saw all those folks come together to discuss issues and see where their ideas overlap? You know, Miami is oftentimes characterized as this place that’s steeped in racial segregation … economically and socially and politically. [But in Occupy Miami] you have socialists and anarchists, and then you have mostly people who aren’t affiliated with anything, and then you have a smattering of Haitians, you have a smattering of Latinos, you have Cuban Republican Libertarians … You have these fresh conversations. Where in the hell are you going to find those conversations anywhere else?” – Muhammed Malik, Occupy Miami

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