Gloria Estefan’s Howard Stern Interview


Gloria Estefan went on Howard Stern earlier this morning to promote her new album Miss Little Havana. I’m not gonna say this is the best interview that Howard has done because I haven’t listened to Howard that “in-depthly” to make that claim, but it was pretty fuckin’ amazing. Maybe because of the whole Miami connection or maybe because growing up, all any of my family members and anywhere we went, the Estefans were always within conversations and in the spotlight. But it was a great interview with Gloria getting into her career, her relationship with Emilio, living in Miami, her neutrality with politics, her taking care of her father, and of course since its Howard, he got into the more X-rated questions. And towards the end, Emilio stepped in a little bit to give his side of things as well. It was such a rare side to hear them talk so candidly for like an hour. Wow. Make sure you listen to the replays all day today. Or if you miss it, they will definitely repeat the show all weekend long. Definitely a classic interview.

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