Amarilis Dominican Restaurant in Allapattah


My parents and the majority of my family was born in the Dominican Republic, so naturally I’ve been looking for the best Dominican Restaurant in Miami for years. I’ve tried a couple here and there but none of them come close to that “homecooking” type feel.

Here we have Amarilis Restaurant in the heart of Lil’ D.R. (aka Allapattah). They serve all the usual stuff like mondongo, sancocho, chicharon de pollo and all the typical Dominican dishes.  But I think you can really tell how good the rest of the food is by the way they make their different platano dishes. So with that, me and my pops got a couple plates of food to share with the rest of the fam. From top to bottom, we ordered (1) Tostones With Fried Cheese, (2) Mangu with 3 Pieces of Salami, Fried Cheese and 2 Eggs, and (3) Mofongo with Goat. We all had a little bit of everything and the result? All were good, especially the mangu, which was AMAZING. Mangu is a typical breakfast for Dominicans.  The tostones were a little off, but it was probably just that batch – otherwise, they were good. And the mofongo was actually real good as well. And my pops had a separate order of sancocho which he said was great as well. All in all, it was a decent spot. And each of the above plates were like $5-8 each.

So this spot gets a (B+). And the fact that the way the restaurant sits in a makeshift indoor/outdoor kinda construction, you feel like you’re in the middle of Santo Domingo when you walk inside this place. So it just gives it a little bit of that extra authenticity factor. But yeah, check the spot below if you want to pass by.

Amarilis Dominican Restaurant
3501 NW 17th Ave
Miami, FL 33142
(305) 633-0930


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