Rolling Stoned – Space Cake LP


Space Cake” by Rolling Stoned featuring Marii Jane, Salazar, Shottie, & Joey Duz

Debut album from Miami rap group Rolling Stoned, a crew of cannabis loving MC’s blending a variety of southern and alternative rap creating a movement of positivity, weed-advocacy, and ill Hip-Hop. Rolling Stoned tell semi-fictional stories of local pot kingpins turned rappers who stack boatloads of cash & smoke the finest bud. Though these topics have become all too familiar in Hip Hop, Rolling Stoned separates themselves by creating group with a unique combination of artists. It’s clear that these are simply not weed rappers, they’re rappers who smoke a lot of weed.

1. Intro 00:30
2. Medicated (feat. Lidls) (free) 03:36
3. In Love With A Criminal 02:54
4. Volcano Funk 03:05
5. So Addictive 03:42
6. In The Sky 03:38
7. One 2 Three Four 03:36
8. Angel On My Shoulder 03:09
9. Blow My High 04:03
10. Bitch I’m Famous 01:55
11. Blowin’ Smoke (Master Kush Version) 04:31

Produced by TeV95
Tracks 2, 6, 9 Produced by Shottie
Executive Produced by TeV95 & Shottie

chtd MIX :: DJ Craze <i>September Promo Mix</i>


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