Colombian-Inspired Street Food with the Perros Express Food Truck


Perros Express is a Colombian styled food truck with Colombian styled street food. By the word “perros”, you might already assume that they have hot dogs and sausages – and yeah they do. They actually have quite a few different types, each type accompanied by its own special nickname (ie. Mr. Perro, etc). But Perros Express serves so much more. By the pictures above, you can see some of what they offer. They have Colombian Empanadas, Churrasco, Burgers, and various side items. They also have a good selection of Colombian sodas and cola-champagne (which is kinda like Jamaican Kola Champagne). Overall, the food is flavorful, and may take a little time to cook up on the grill, but whatever you get, you will most definitely enjoy!

To see where Perros Express is going to park their truck at tonight and for the rest of the week follow them on their Facebook page below…


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