After The First Day Of Auctions, Here’s What the Nike Mag Sneakers Sold For…


Here are couple clearer photos of the 2011 Nike Mag sneakers and after the first full day of auctions, the first 150 sneakers that went up on eBay  rounded up an average $5,000 a pair with various pairs fetching like $7,000 and the highest getting up to $9,959.00. One pair went up to $75,000 but for whatever  reason was either deleted or quickly brought back down to the four-figure range. Then you had one last pair that sold for $37,000 (+) at a private auction in California. There are 9 more days of 150 pairs a day on eBay, so let’s see how high they end up going. Click here to see all the closed listings.

— Oh and in the second photo, you can see the charging port which explains how you keep the shoes charged.


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