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Meet Ashley Sky. This Brazilian bombshell has been on the modeling scene for a little while now and most recently might have caught your eyes as one of the beautiful ladies riding in the back of Kanye and Jay-Z’s tricked out Maybach from the “Otis” Video that released a couple weeks back.

Soon as I saw that Ashley was in it, I tracked her down to do a little Q&A to see how it was shooting the video, as well as a little bit about what she’s doing currently with her career and much more. Read the interview below…

Ashley Sky introduction

The305: Tell us a bit about what you do…
I am a full time fashion/commercial model and have been modeling professionally for a little over one year…I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and come from a Brazilian & Native American background.

The305: So how long have you been in Miami?
I moved to Miami a year ago from central Florida to be closer to my agency at the time that was in Miami Beach. I am planning to move to L.A. but Miami will always be home to me.

The305: What do you love most about Miami?
The culture! Miami is so fun & alive…it’s just a really beautiful and exciting place no matter what time of day or year.

The305: What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working or have days off?
You will most likely find me on the couch watching a movie and eating pizza when I’m not working lol.

The305: Something that not a lot of people would expect you do?
Hmmm…well, I loveee theme parks, playing video games (even though I’m not very good, haha) and basketball season. GO HEAT!

Ashley Sky otis video by jay-z kanye

The305: The “Otis” video was incredible and looked like incredible fun to shoot, especially for you. How was it filming on set?
YES, it was definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever had to do at a job and a lot of fun, but I’m not going to lie , it was an 18-hour day. A lot of dirt and it was pretty rough in the back of that car, but it was definitely worth the final product and also a nice change from the simple beach & studio shoots I’m used to doing! haha

The305: I know you guys shot that last month in late July…any behind-the-scenes funny moments that you loved about the shoot?
Hmmm, the funniest thing to me was just seeing how excited and happy everyone was to be there…EVERYONE was high energy & genuinely laughing [and] having a good time. I think that aspect really translated well into the video.

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The305: Where was the shoot?

The305: Riding in the car, I know you guys had seatbelts, but there were no doors. How was it really. Was it scary? Fun?
Well before I showed up to set I didn’t know many details as to what I would be doing. As you can imagine I was very surprised to find out the concept of the video just before we actually started filming the scene. It was CRAZY! It was exactly how it looked in the video, the driving was insane. We were all harnessed in very well and could not move at all so we were very safe. It was a lot of fun…. I mean who can say they have done that in their lifetime?

The305: How did you like the video and how the final product turned out?
I love the video! Spike Jonze & the whole team did an amazing job putting it all together, the concept is so original. Definitely a one of a kind music video.

Ashley Sky modeling career model

The305: What has been one of your most memorable experiences as a model?
Thus far, I’d have to say working on the “Otis” video. It was great to be recognized in such a big way & I just feel very blessed to have had the chance to work with such creative accomplished people. It was an honor to have been apart of something so big & historic. It has opened up many doors for me and has definitely been the most memorable project I have been involved in.

The305: What’s the best part about your job? Or, the part you enjoy the most?
Just the fact that I am a young woman and have the ability to be my own boss. It’s very empowering to be able to dictate your own career. I realize that I am very blessed to be able to support myself & be involved in an industry that offers endless opportunities with the possibility to make a very large income. There are many other perks as well, such as…traveling and staying in the nicest hotels. I know that the harder I work, the farther I will go and that is what really motivates me and makes me really love what I do.

The305: Your first time on a runway, or doing a runway show, were you nervous? How did you do and what’s your advice or technique to young models or even non-models that will eventually get on the runway.
I wouldn’t say I was nervous. but I was definitely very anxious. I think I did great my first time, but like many others who strive for greatness, I am my WORST critic, so as always I’d say there is definitely room for improvement! My best advice for girls starting out would be to practice! practice! practice! You want to feel as comfortable as possible going down the runway. You already have thousands of people watching you and the last thing you want to think about is how you’re walking. Once you get comfortable with your walk, you can do it on auto-pilot. When you actually get on the runway, block out all thoughts, find the beat, and have a good time. Always remember to enjoy the moment because very few people get to have that experience!

The305: Aside from your career as a model, are you working on any other projects or do you have any goals of new things you want to try within the next 5 years?
Ultimately my goal is to be a great business woman, I’d love to build my own empire and own a few businesses so watch out! haha

The305: Definitely! Thank you very much Ashley, any last words before we let you go?
Thank you all so much for supporting what I do and I appreciate all of the positive feed back from everyone. Big things coming so be sure to stay connected. You can follow me on Twitter @TheAshleySky & also make sure to shout me out on twitter, I regularly respond to my supporters. You can also stay posted on upcoming projects & new photos daily on my official facebook fan page ( Big thanks to for featuring me! – xoxo Ashley Sky

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