Thanks Jay


Yesterday Mr. Jay-Z had a link to on his Facebook page. While it most likely was one of his folks and not him that posted it, it still was a great look traffic-wise and overall just a good look. It was on the top there for a good day or so. As a result, the site got overloaded with tens of thousands of people within a couple hours and throughout the day. I was working on the backend to make sure the site didn’t crash and I believe it didn’t.

The link was for the Lorenzo Thomas (99 Jamz) interview I posted that Jay did last week talking about Liv, Beyonce as the next Mj and etc.That post alone has blown up beyond anything I expected. I posted it and saw NahRight and RapRadar repost it shortly after and very much appreciated their support as always. And then from there, I saw tons of major outlets from MTV, to Billboard, to many others repost and link back to The305. So we’ve had the best traffic numbers ever the last couple days. Even surpassing the day we posted our Kid Cudi in a kilt post (lol).

So once again, thanks Jay-Z! You sir, are a web traffic magnet.


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