Cakes by Lucila


Sweet Art By Lucila
Cuban Rum Cakes are like a South Florida tradition. If you haven’t tried Lucila’s, then you’ve surely been hiding under or rock for the past 15 years. Sweet Are By Lucila, has some of the best cakes that serve well for any occasion. They have their traditional vanilla rum, but there are tons of other fillings that can be added to your cake. Lucila is often compared to former business partner Cake Designs by Edda, who have a similar business model and recipe. I’ve never tried Edda, but I can definitely vouch for Lucila. Especially the one down in the Pincecrest/Falls area. For any occasion like birthdays or family gatherings or even just to spoil yourself and your fam on a random day, hit up Sweet Art By Lucila at one of their various South Florida locations. And aside from their traditional Vanilla Rum, try the Cream Cheese filling if you want to get all exotic…and also pick up a couple of pieces of their toasty sweet biscotte that they sell on the side.

Locations: The Falls, Doral, South Miami, Weston, Pembroke Pines

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