Interview with Miami’s own DRE FILMS – talks Maybach Music, the Playboy project and what he’s working on next


So after a great response from the last couple art/photographer related interviews we did – I wanted to keep the Wednesday tradition going and take it up a notch. If you’ve watched any recent Rick Ross or Maybach Music related videos and viral videos, then you can safely bet that Dre Films was somehow a part of their creation along with SpiffTV and the rest of the MMG and Maybach Films crew.

I got a chance to do a quick interview with Dre of Dre Films while he was on the road to catch up with him and just discuss how the last year has been for him, along with his views and take on coming in the film game. Read below and get acquainted with one of Miami’s best…Dre Films.


305: First things first, you gotta tell us how the last year has been for you? We’ve seen a lot of growth and we saw you make that MMG power move? How’s the last year and the last few months been?
This last year has been an incredible experience for me and my team. We’ve traveled across the entire U.S., Canada and epic visit to the Mecca of Film Festivals.. Cannes. My company has gone from having local recognition from working with many Miami artist to now being stopped every city I go to by complete strangers and being asked if I’m DRE Films and being told that I inspire them to do videos. Its very humbling. Working for Rick Ross and being a part of the fastest growing label in the game Maybach Music Group has been a privilege. It has giving me the great opportunity of working with artist such as Drake, Birdman, Wiz Khalifa, Slim Thug, Meek Mill, Wale and Pill to name a few. We finally graduated from DSLRs and have now shot many videos with the RED camera including Pill ft. Rick Ross – Pacman off the MMG Self Made album. Currently, we are on the road on the I Am Still Music Tour and we are bringing everybody backstage and into the concert in a series of vlogs.

305: What’s your work flow like when working with Ross, Spiff and the rest of the MMG crew. Do you guys stay with laptops and edit soon as you film. It seems like you guys don’t sleep!
Nah, we don’t sleep. Rozay’s work ethic is unmatchable and inspires me to work harder each and every time. He’ll usually tell me what he wants to put out and when. But as a Maybach Films director its my job to know these things already so I automatically get to work. I feel I’ve developed a sense of understanding for what people will be interested in seeing on the vlogs. I do my best to keep them entertaining. I’ll watch an edit a million times before i release it. If i get bored at any point of the video I’ll go back and make it right. Our vlogs are not ordinary, they feel like mini-movies at times. That’s how we stay on top and maintain a constant presence on the web. I am fully aware of the amount of cameras around Ross at all the events so I work hard to bring the official coverage before anyone else does. Funny story, not too long ago an artist put me on the spot in front of another videographer and told me he might have a video we both happen to be shooting up on the web before me. So I pulled out my laptop on the spot and started editing right in front of them. I think they understood then that I’m serious about this and I don’t play.

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Dre (left), pictured with Bun-B and Masspike Miles

305: I know you’re schedule must be crazy nowadays, but do you still have time to do music videos outside of the MMG side?
It’s become very difficult as time passes. My main focus and priority is everything #MMG. But when I do have free time, I still do videos for other artists. We recently shot several music videos including Gunplay – Mask On; Alyric – Bounce Dat; Duce Pound ft. Rick Ross – Let Down Da Top; Murph – Feelin Like; Lo-Boy (Str8 Drop Records) – Shop Open 2; D-Mac (Str8 Drop Records) ft. Dondria – Cakin Wit U- just to mention a few.

305: What’s your favorite thing about filming in Miami and using Miami as a backdrop for some of the stuff you shoot?
As far as Miami is concerned, I couldn’t think of a better location. If you want beautiful women and tropical landscapes, it’s here. If you want to capture the nightlife and luxury Miami has to offer, it’s here. And if you want to shoot in the hood and get a real taste of what Miami is all about, all you have to do is drive over the bridge. You can capture all aspects just being in Miami.

305: What do you think describes the DRE FILMS style?
If I can choose one word it would probably be ‘Cinematic’. Everything we shoot and capture, we try and make sure it has that cinematic feel to it. Whether it’s a big budget or damn near no budget…we make sure these videos have that signature Dre Films style to it and the best quality possible.

305: One of my favorite projects you worked on was all the Playboy stuff you filmed last year. How was it working with the crew and putting those projects together? Visually they were just amazing..!!
Thank you, I appreciate that. The Playboy project was an amazing experience. Being able to do something for such an iconic brand that early in my career was a blessing. As far as working with the crew and the process it was great. Joe of Last Rights did an outstanding job producing and co-directing this project. It was a long shoot, 3 days straight with NO sleep. But the end result was definitely worth the hard work we put into it.

305: In a business perspective, what do you think was the hardest thing to overcome to get your brand and yourself to where you are today?
I think the hardest thing to overcome was gaining the trust of different artists. At the beginning the perception was we only did “hood” street videos. With time we had to diversify and show artists and managers that we can pretty much shoot any kind of video. Whether it be hip hop, r&b or pop. With all the different projects we’ve done it’s gotten to the point that now artists give us complete creative control and trust our judgment when we are directing videos. That in itself is very important for my brand and where we are today.

305: Marketing 101 advice – what do you suggest the new guys coming up in the game should make sure they do when trying to get their name and their brand out there?
I think everyone has their own hustle and own way of marketing and branding themselves. With that said the most important advice I think I can give for new guys coming up is, separate yourself from the pack. Everyone has a camera and everyone is a “director”. Find a way to make your product stand out and out-work your competition. At the end of the day, quality videos will speak for themselves and word will spread about your product.

305: Dre, thank you for your time. Any last words or is there anything we should look for from you?
It’s business as usual over here. Be on the look out for lots of new videos from Rick Ross including a series of vlogs for his highly anticipated album God Forgives, I Don’t. Masspike Miles ft. Bun B. ‘Devoted’ premiering on MTV soon. Videos for Wale, Meek Mill, Pill, Gunplay, Triple C’s and Duce Pound all on the way. Huge shout out to my partner and brother Jon J. He is the greatest thing walking on the face of this earth and I wouldn’t be shit without him. Seriously Dro. I’m not even playing. (P.S. He told me to say that). And as always a special shout out to my parents who are my number one fans and my beautiful wife who is expecting our first child – for her love and support and tolerating my hectic schedule #loveyou. Big thank you to DRO and for the continued support since day one #respect. Shout out to the biggest boss @rickyrozay. ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ coming soon. M-M-M-M-M-M-M-M-Maybach Music!!!


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Follow @DreFilms on Twitter and get all the latest information on Dre Films by visiting his website And Click below to watch one of Dre’s latest videos, “Pac Man” by Pill and Rick Ross. View it below…

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