Allright, so Big Boi got caught up and arrested in the Port Of Miami this weekend


You might’ve heard the news by now but Outkast’s Big Boi was caught up Sunday and arrested while stepping off a cruise ship in the Port uh’ Miami. He was allegedly carrying drugs including ecstasy, MDMA powder and Viagra. He was booked and released on $16,000 bail. His attorney is making the case that the drugs were found on a collective number of luggage pieces so basically saying that it may or may not be Mr. Boi’s paraphernalia. Above is his “take the photo so I can get the f*ck outta here” mugshot. And below are his tweets immediately upon being released…

UPDATE 12:53PM: TMZ is now saying that Miami Dade Police reports detail that the drugs (3 ecstasy pills and 10 viagra pills) were found ON Big Boi and not in random luggage. Story developing…


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