1960’s photos of Palmetto Speedway & Race Cars, along with radio commerical


It was located in Medley around 56th Street or so by where the Palmetto Expressway and Okeechobee Road meet, and a Home Depot (lol) now sits where the speedway used to be. Listen to a commercial from the 60’s below…

Palmetto Speedway, a scarcely banked, 1/3 mile oval in the town of Medley, just west of Miami and Miami Springs. Palmetto Speedway was on the south side of the Miami River Canal, near what is now the Palmetto Expressway.  Plenty of drivers got their start there, going from Palmetto to become well known in Big Bill France’s young NASCAR organization.  Drivers such as Rags Carter, Pee Wee Griffin, Rod Perry, Charley Monk, Al Powell, Banjo Matthews, and the principal members of what became “The Alabama Gang” Bobby, Donnie and Eddie Allison, and the ageless Red Farmer.  These and other drivers got their first circle track, turn-left rides at Palmetto Speedway, and Harvey sought out these racers to convince them to try one of his cams or the Lincoln Zephyr transmission gears, spools and axles he made for Ford rear ends.

Growing industrial development forced the closing of Palmetto Speedway, but that loss was supplanted by the building of Hialeah Speedway.  Hialeah Speedway was located just west of Medley, but on the north side of the Miami River Canal.  It was also mildly banked, paved with asphalt, and 1/3 mile on the outside dimension.  The track soon had lights and Saturday night at Hialeah became a mainstay with racers and fans for more than 50 years.  Hialeah Speedway’s long history ended in 2005, when the grand old lady was abandoned for the construction of a Home Depot big-box development!  Hialeah attracted the same Medley racer crowd and later added drivers such as Bobby Brack, Vince Pantuso, Doug Day, Nokie Mallory, Buddy Griffin, Herbie Tillman, Gary Balough, Gene Wynn, Dumont Smith, Roy Clanton, Hardy Maddox, and Dickie Anderson. – Harvey Crane


1960s Commercial For The Palmetto Speedway

— Courtesy of local radio station 560 AM

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