TASTE TUESDAYS – Los Angeles Edition with WEST, Asia De Cuba, In-N-Out Burger and El Pollo Loco


The fries at West Restaurant (Photo: SeriousSeats)

Yeah, so one thing that you gotta love about going on vacation or heading into new cities is….the food. You gotta love exploring and trying out new spots or some of the restaurants that you hear so much about. I went to L.A. a few days last week so just thought I’d post a couple of the highlights food-wise from the trip. Here, we’re gonna cover WEST Restaurant, Asia De Cuba, In-N-Out Burger and EL Pollo Loco – which were all amazing. And I’ll spare you of all the misses like the breakfast menu at the Mr. C’s Hotel and disgustingness that was Jack In The Box. But here are the pros. Also, keep in mind I’m just writing this loosely so all you grammar police out there, fall back. Read below.

WEST Restaurant
I was staying at the Angeleno Hotel in West Los Angeles. The hotel overlooks the the entire city and because of its circular design, the penthouse styled restaurant gives you a panoramic view of the entire city from every direction. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all have great selections and at decent prices. I tried their Grilled Marinated Frank Steak ($24), which was done to perfection and served with Roasted Garlic Marble Potatoes ($7). And then the next day after not wanting to leave the hotel, I decided to try their simple burger and fries combo ($16). The burger was amazing and the fries were probably the best fries I’ve ever had in my life. The fries were sprinkled with a little bit of basil, seasonings and what I think were dashes of Vodka. Good lord. I think you can tell a lot about a restaurants potential by seeing how they handle the basics: their steak, burgers and fries. Call me low class, but its seems like its the formula to go by. So yeah, if you’re in Los Angeles’ Bel-Aire or West side, head on over to West Restaurant on the top floor.
— West Restaurant – 170 N. Church Lane – Penthouse Level, 17th Floor; Los Angeles, CA 90049


Asia De Cuba at The Mondrian Hotel
We have one of these here in Miami, also part of the Mondrian Hotel chain. I’ve heard plenty about their extravagant menu and their infamous dumplings. As well as their Mexican donuts. I’ll be honest that I didn’t get to enjoy the menu like I wanted, but the rest of the table seemed to enjoy their food and selections. So I don’t have a real review other than its great service with a nice patio area that gives you a hillside view of Beverly Hills and Hollywood. We have an Asia De Cuba location here in Miami so you can definitely try it locally if you want a taste of what they have to offer.
— Asia De Cuba – 8440 Sunset Boulevard; West Hollywood, CA 90069


In-N-Out Burger
Out here in Miami, all L.A. people can talk about is their fond love for In-N-Out Burger. And other people say that Five Guys is probably their closest competition. So, I had to try it myself. Long story short. They have like 5 menu items. Burger. Cheeseburger. Fries. Drink. Milkshake. Very simple and to the point. I tried the Burger and fries and you know, it tasted almost just like Five Guys. But the convenience is that it was made faster and more efficiently. And the pricing was definitely a little better than Five Guys. But yeah, I guess the hype is most definitely worth it. Fuck all the other fast food spots, if you want a burger in the west, head to In-N-Out.
— In-N-Out Burger — various locations in Los Angeles


El Pollo Loco
Allright, so I couldn’t leave L.A. without hitting up the West Coast equivalent of Pollo Tropical. I expected sombreros and tacos and salsa and guacamole on everything. Well, when I walked in, it was kinda sorta that but a little more toned down. El Pollo Loco basically is the Pollo Tropical of the west. Beans, taquitos, chicken tacos and tortilla chips bring support to their various value sizes of chicken dinners/lunches. The chicken is grilled and very tasty, much like Pollo Trops. And the large selection of sides definitely gives it the advantage. The off-the-chain Flame Grilled Corn and Sweet Potato Fries are a must if you hit up El Pollo Loco. Otherwise, you should be straight with the regular sides like mashed potatoes or vegetables. So yeah, Pollo Tropical with a west coast twist. And you can definitely eat for less than $5 or $6.
— El Pollo Loco – various locations in Los Angeles


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