Red Bull has been killing it with the events lately, here’s info for their KING OF THE ROCK basketball tournament in Miami


Red Bull King of the Rock, a one-on-one basketball tournament where the finals are held on the island of Alcatraz, is hosting a qualifier in Miami. First held in 2010, Red Bull King of the Rock is the only official sporting event held on Alcatraz and the first time basketball has been played on the hard concrete of The Rock since the inmates left the island more than 50 years ago. The tournament has grown from six qualifiers in 2010 to 56 qualifiers around the globe in 2011 (23 in the United States) with the second southeast stop in Miami, FL on July 23rd. The event’s international reach is sure to make the competition this year tougher than ever. Miami’s top players will battle it out with only two moving on to The Yard at Alcatraz for the final showdown on September 24, hosted by Rajon Rondo.

There are only two options: win and continue on, or lose and go home. Games will last five minutes and be subject to regulation hoops rules and scoring (two and three pointers). Winners must immediately hop to the next court to face another player, so while pure hoops ability is essential, strategy and endurance will also play a major role in overall victory. Players have to be tough to make it to The Rock, but must also play smart Γ’β‚¬β€œ five fouls equals an automatic loss. For more event information please visit

*Only the first 64 players to register will be accepted into the competition*

Saturday July 23, 2011
Jose Marti Park
351 SW 4th Street, Miami, FL 33130
Registration Opens: 1PM
Competition Begins: 2PM


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