Back from L.A., posts should resume as normal now


Photo by Austin Hargrave

Came back from L.A. last night, sorry for the small stream of posts, but posts should start resuming as normal starting today.

But I was over there on the West Coast working on a couple shoots and then also working on a couple things for that you’ll see soon. It was my first time in L.A.

I stayed at the Angelano Hotel, which is an iconic looking hotel off Sunset Blvd in the Bel-Aire area. And thankfully my stay was days before the “Carmageddon” traffic jam that’s expected to hit Los Angeles this weekend where they’re shutting down the 405 freeway, which the hotel overlooks and is directly next to. That woulda’ made my trip hell, but it worked out in the nick of time.

I had two tourist spots I wanted to hit. See and take photos of the Hollywood sign. Check. And since I was already in the Bel-Aire area I was trying to go to the Fresh Prince house since I was there, but time didn’t permit. Maybe next time (lol).

Overall, trip was dope. Lots of work done and drove around the city to get familiar with the streets and etc for my next trip in a few months.

As always thanks for the support of The305…stay tuned for more updates.

— Oh and look at that dope photo from the other side of the Hollywood sign (which used to originally say Hollywoodland years ago) taken by Austin Hargrave.

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