TASTE TUESDAYS :: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill – menu included


I tried Lime Fresh Mexican Grill for the first time a couple months back and I honestly didn’t know what to expect because I really thought it’d just be another taco, burrito and quesadilla shop. Well, it kinda is – except its a Miami based chain that has grown from one sole location on South beach a couple years ago, to now having nine locations within a growing brand that’s spanning from South Florida to Orlando. Its a casual fast food type of place – meaning, that you order your food, take a number card and they bring it to you freshly prepared and also have a staff member or two walking around bringing your refills and other courtesies.

Their slogan states that it’s not your average burrito joint, however, that’s up to your own personal opinion. But its good food that’s freshly prepared to your liking. Bigger than normal portion sizes and an impressive collection of hot sauces from dozens of brands that you can choose from. Hell, that’s my favorite thing about the place. The Pineapple and honey mustard ones are probably my top choice, but there’s much more to fit your personal preference. In fact there’s probably 70-100 different types of bottles of hot sauce to choose from.

As far individual menu items, you can see part of the menu below but the different quesadillas are great, as well as the different types of Burritos they prepare. The 8th Street burrito was what I rolled with last time I went and it was not a disappointment.

And one last thing. You gotta love the fact that Lime makes sure that their employees know that customer service is the number one thing. And that’s evident from the time you walk in the door, to when you sit down and then to when you leave.

8 South Florida locations (Dadeland, Midtown, Plantation, Coconut Creek, South Beach and others) and two in the Orlando area. Visit their website by clicking here and click below for the menu.


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