Video of Abandoned Rocket Making Factory in Homestead – the rocket is still there

Again, another post that belongs to Old School Sundays, but this was too amazing not to post. Back in the 60’s, a company called Aerojet built a site to build a solid fuel rocket in hopes of landing the contract to send American astronauts to the moon. Well, after building the site and they knew the rocket was going to be too big so they needed to dig a 40 foot canal from the site to the Atlantic Ocean specifically to transport the rocket and bring in other supplies and parts and etc. Well, it turns out that NASA never contracted them and thus the project was canceled and the site was abandoned. The rocket was and still is the biggest solid fuel rocket ever made and still sits underground at the silo. Crazy shit. Press play and get educated on yet another one of Miami’s not-so-known historic sites.

The site is located at about 440th Street and SW 232 Ave. And you can see photos below.

Via the good folks over at Rakontur and photos courtesy of SFFMA

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