The Howard Stern Show…random thought


Random ass thought, but Howard Stern, while raunchy as hell, is probably the best to ever do it in the radio platform. Hands down the best interviewer to ever do it and best radio personality of all time. I tuned in to him over the years here and there when he was on terrestrial radio, but to me, his time at Sirius has been epic for the last five years. And the last few months have been great as well. And luckily he renewed his contract for five more, which may be his last stretch before he retires. And the beauty of his show nowadays is that you can listen to it at any time of the day via Sirius (which gives you a free 30 day trial to try it out) in case you want to listen to a local radio show in the morning and then catch Howard later. Just a random thought for those not up on Howard Stern Show. Continue with your day.

Oh and what sparked this was the recent criticism that the show received for the shenanigans put on by one of the show’s members did when they interrupted the Wiener Resignation Press Conference.


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