Miami finally gets a Sonic Drive-In, but its in Homestead, here’s a review


2425 NE 8th Street (equivalent of 312th Street)
Homestead, FL 33033
Drive-thru open 24 hours and patio areas till 1AM

So yesterday, I’m driving around my sister’s crib in Homestead and I’m driving by SW 312th Street (yeah i know) and I saw this big commotion going down in the shopping center. Being the natural investigative journalist that I am, I go to see what’s going on. Then I was like “oh sh*t, is this really a Sonic restaurant? in Miami? I mean Homestead?”

My friends, it was true. Sonic opened yesterday in Homestead under a new but traditional concept under the name Sonic Beach, but still under the Sonic brand name. Really, it features about 20 drive in stalls with servers on roller-blades, a few walk up patio areas and a 24-hour drive thru. I’ve always wondered what Sonic tasted like after seeing all those commercials on ComedyCentral and TBS all these years. Like what was the hype about.

So after an hour wait (it was the grand opening so we’ll let it slide), we weren’t going to just buy a $5 combo, f*ck that. We waited too long. We grabbed a little bit of everything to see what Sonic was about and the unfortunate conclusion is that its basically an over-glorified Checkers with a more organized menu. The food tasted almost exactly like Checkers’ good-while-on-the-go type of food, but was a little mediocre. I mean, its cool while on the go, but nothing to go crazy over.

I suggest you try it yourself to come up with your own conclusion of what Sonic brings to the table. One things for sure, they do have a wide selection, so I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll like.

– Their $1 Grilled Cheese sandwich is good if you’re on the run and can’t make one at home. Probably my favorite thing out of the whole menu, which says a lot.
– Option between regular fries and tator tots. Can’t lose with Tator Tots. Ever.
– Their honey mustard sauce is off the chain.
– A decent $1 menu with a couple quick bites. You could can make a decent meal out of $2 or $3.
– Their limeade and drink/mix menu is bigger than their actual food menu so I’m sure there’s something good in there. The limeade was good.

– Their hot dogs are ehh. Kinda low quality. Kinda like the Checkers ones that you get for $1, except they charge you three times as much.
– Their burgers are put in these thin aluminum bags, thus, making them prone to falling apart before you open it. I didn’t taste it, but was told they taste like Checkers burgers. The reoccurring theme is that its a Checkers clone, lol. Again, just my opinion.

Honorable mentions: Other appetizing selections include a Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich, a philly cheesesteak sandwich and a glorious breakfast menu of bigger than normal sandwiches at decent prices.


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