Discussion & Photos Of The Day – Dallas Mavs ballin’ at LIV with the trophy, what are your thoughts?


Damn, I know you gotta run business as usual, but this hurts. Dirk, Mark Cuban and the rest of the crew partied and spent what I assume was hundreds of thousands of dollars in the stomping grounds of Miami’s elite at LIV last night. They bought tons of Ace Of Spades and lived LIV’d it up like Kings. Mark got Dirk one of those bigger than usual bottles of Ace Of Spades that was brought in a muhfuggin’ casket. But it gets worse.

The Mavs brought the championship trophy into the club like they’re crazy. Yes, the trophy. David Stern must be fuming right now. Wow. Lil Wayne, Birdman and the rest of the Young Money crew were also in the building rubbing the trophy like a genie lamp. And look at Mavs’ Jason Terry who was getting loose and swag swurfin’ while disrespectfully pushing his crotch up on the trophy in the second to last photo.

Can we really be mad at LIV for allowing the Mavs to party like its no tomorrow last night inside their club? I mean technically, we should kinda’ be thanking LIV for raping the shit out of Mark Cuban’s bank account with whatever grand finale of a grand total was charged to his credit card.

Or should LIV hold some kind of loyalty to hometeam patrons and the frequent customers that many players of the Heat are to LIV – and not let Dallas ball inside their establishment?


P.S. We’re gonna be at Club Play Wednesday night for a Heat fan appreciation party during the comedy show to cheer everybody up. Definitely gonna have some special guests come through as well. Maybe some Heat players, but not sure just yet. But something positive to give thanks to the Heat and the fans. More details later today.

Photo credits: Slim Thug Twitter, Tammy Torres Twitter, Terrence Jenkins, and the last photo is courtesy of WorldRedEye, who have a ton more photos as well

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