Pepe Billete’s top five for “Los Heat”

I’m super late in posting this, but this is muhfuggin’ hilarious. Top Five reasons The Heat will take the Finals. If you appreciate Cuban stereotypes, then you’ll appreciate this. Lol @ the Dirk’s grandparents judegment he makes.

5. The Three Kings: Guade (Dwayne Wade), LeBronsito, and el Bosh.
4. El Trensu, AKA Udonis Haslem, who apparently is a Cuban who came on the same boat that brought over Pepe during El Mariel.
3. The Mavericks are named after Tom Cruise, who is a weirdo.
2. Dallas point guard Jason Kidd is too old (so old his nuts drag on the floor), shooting guard JJ Barrea is too short and a Puerto Rican who is easily distracted by rum and hos, and forward Dirk Nowitzki’s grandparents are most likely World War II war criminals.
1. To spite the Heat haters, especially Charles Barkley, who is as fat as an onion.

Via MiamiNewTimes

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