Chicago Bulls’ Joakim Noah is officially $50,000 less-richer and Kobe’s mad as hell


I would love to interview the Heat fan that Joakim Noah cursed out the other night at the Heat game. That man forced $50,000 out of the bank accounts of one of Miami’s most hated enemies of the moment. Well, he’s an enemy at least until the series is over.

But either way, just in case you’ve been missing in action, Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah (who otherwise is a nice guy, especially when I met him a few months back), yelled out “F*ck You, Faggot” to a fan that was heckling him in the stands at the Triple Aye.

Heckle or no heckle, it was uncalled for and the NBA reacted quickly, despite Joakim’s even quicker apology a couple hours after he said the offending remarks.The NBA fined Joakim $50,000. That’s half of what the NBA fined Kobe Bryant, who called a referee a “f*ckin’ faggot” a while back.

Kobe was probably fuming when he heard of the 50% percent smaller fine Joakim got for committing the exact same offense (double eff words and all), but of course, the NBA expected this reaction so they pointed out that Kobe’s usage of the “eff words” was towards an official, which is means for a heavier punishment.

Either way…

Belligerent probably drunk Heat Fans …. 1

Chicago Bulls …. 0

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