Other than the Heat whooping the Celtics in Game 2, you know what else is f**kin awesome…?

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Two

The Celtics lost Game 2 to the Miami Heat, the final score was 102-91. Wade had a helluva’ game, and helluva first half. It was most definitely awesome.

But you know what else is awesome? Watching the game with TNT OT Extra. Don’t let the “watching tv online is wack” stigma deter you. This OT Extra shit is one notch below being damn near courtside. Maybe not, but its still cool. It gives you 4 simultaneous angles of the game while letting you choose other angles if you choose to zoom in. And during commercials, you get to hear what the teams talk about and what goes on in the arena, more specifically three or four angles of the lovely Heat dancers. Check it out on the next TNT broadcast via NBA.com.

Definitely not recommended if you have any kinds of short attention span deficiencies, but otherwise, this shit is the best shit ever.

So yeah, see ya’ll in Boston next Saturday for Game Three!!!

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Miami Heat

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