JPG of Obama’s Birth Certificate + plus, Obama returns to Miami this Friday to MDC North Campus


Obama Birth Certificate JPG / JPEG

Obama Birth Certificate JPG / JPEG
I try to avoid the whole politics non-sense game, and I usually stand very middle of the road and moderate. But the whole “Obama Birth Certificate” debate has gone on for too long. And finally, the White House release another official version to keep Donald Trump’s entertaining of this and all the other people wasting their breath on questioning his citizenship, to STFU already. The President called this whole debacle laughable and you can’t help but agree. So the above JPEG version is what was released earlier today and spread throughout various media outlets. And Trump basically still said [paraphrasing], “we have to examine it first so we’ll get back to you.”

We got $6 a gallon gas near our reach and a flatlined real estate market. There’s bigger fish to fry. Let’s move on America. That is all.

ON ANOTHER NOTE: President Obama will return to Miami to give a commencement speech at Miami Dade College’s North Campus this Friday April 29th. So you know what this means…traffic will be a bitch between the airport and Miami Dade. So plan ahead or stay home really. And MDC officials confirm that Obama will be the third U.S. President in four years to speak at an MDC commencement. Previously, G.W. Bush delivered the speech in 2007 and Bill Clinton in 2010.


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