Condoms for Dummies

If you’re like most guys, then you know putting on a condom is not the easiest thing to do while wasted or in the dark when you have present company waiting for you.

But thanks to a local Coral Gables native Beau Thompson and his company they’ve come up with the solution by attaching handles to the condoms for easy execution. If that still doesn’t help you find your way, he’s made the inside of the condom smooth and ribbed on the outside so there’s no room for error. The company, Sensis, has been in business for quite some time but thanks to corporate giants like Trojan and Latex, they’ve been in the shadows the whole time. This new idea could in fact be Sensis’ big break with “QuickStrips” rapidly running out of shelves, and stocking up in local Walgreens, and Navarro’s, get yours now.

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