Twenty 4/20 Related Movies


Pineapple Express

If its been a while since you’ve kicked back, smoked a blunt, joint, bong rip or whatever your preference – today’s the day to do so. Pot culture has inspired everything from movies, TV shows, music, art, and even the way we live our lives today.

To commemorate 4/20, we’ve compiled a list of the all time best and funniest stoner films known to man from 1970+! Unfortunately, none of these movies are based out of Miami (that I can remember), but just in case your brain is too cloudy at the moment and couldn’t remember the names of a few marijuana inspired flicks, here you go (in no specific order):

The asterisk (*) boosts your highness rating

• Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke *****
• How High****
• Friday******
• Half Baked***
• The Big Lebowski***
• Dude, Wheres My Car***
• Nexy Friday**
• Super Troopers***
• Harold & Kumar 1&2**
• Grandma’s Boy***
• Pineapple Express****
• Your Highness****
• Fast Times at Ridgemont High***
• Dazed and Confused***

The rest are not “pot inspired” per se, but are still funny as hell to watch when your on that la,la,la

15. SuperBad
16. Zoolander
17. Anchorman
18. Talladega Nights
19. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
20. Office Space


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