Happy 4/20


420,4:20,4/20 – however you want to write it, it all means the same thing: Lets toke up! Using 420 as code is a way to identify one’s subculture and interest in the pot world. Even though its still criminalized in most states, the legalization battle keeps getting stronger and more powerful each year.

As of right now, there are currently 16 states in the U.S where smoking, buying and growing marijuana is legal for medical purposes. Just last year, California gathered up enough votes to put full legalization of cannabis on the ballot, but Proposition 19 as it was called was ultimately defeated with 53% of voters saying no. The result was close, but no “cigar”.

Today is the day to celebrate your beliefs and your culture with those that love pot just as much as you do. Just make sure to do it carefully because if you’re in a strict regulating marijuana state (i.e Florida) your ass is grass. There are however a few cities that host annual 4/20 gatherings that let you celebrate and smoke out. Usually,  they are held on college campuses around the U.S.

1. San Francisco, CA – Hippie Hill; over thousands of pot loving stoners gather round each year to celebrate 4/20 with no worries.

2. Tallahassee, FL – FSU Campus, and numerous undisclosed greenway areas. TheDailyBeast.com ranked Tallahassee #2 in pot smoking cities nationwide.

3. Boulder, CO – University Of Boulder; This spot is the largest known 420 gathering in the whole world! With an estimated 10,000 people gathered in 2008, and in 2009 they surpassed that 10,000 mark. Police have tried numerous times to prevent the gathering, but have always been unsuccessful and outnumbered. In 2006, the police made somewhat of a truce to not make any arrest, the events have been growing in size ever since.

Even though Miami doesn’t make a pot smoking list or have a known gathering, today the air is filled with a sticky icky sent and some thick fog unlike any other day. So remember you better have 5 on it if you want to hang out with your “best buds” and don’t forget Puff, Puff, Pass.


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